Sharp Edge is a level editor used by the Mantagames Team to create maps for GA and GADO.


"Sharp Edge" was built as an engine originally however it ended up being a level editor for Global Anarchy. The original software for SE came from a previous editor which was known as Dreamwave 3D. Mike(MishMash) Joined Taylor(Clearwater) and Andrew(Orange451) in 2009 which is when Dreamwave was scrapped and the first installment of SE came to light. Taylor left the team after SE 1 was made however Mike and Orange continued.

GA2 used a modified SE1 engine, howewer after the project ended, Mike started a new editor which allowed dynamic placement of 3D models which was not possible on SE1. The editor was called Sharp Edge 2 and is used for GADO.

SE2 will be not usable by players, howewer mod tools and server program will be released when GADO will reach Beta.