Blue (Teammate)

Gamemodes are part of maps that include two options of how to play; currently there are two - Free For All and Team Deathmach.

Free for AllEdit

Or lately known as deathmatch is a game type where you stand by your own position, you do not have teammates and you are free to kill everyone around you. Otherwise, it is not recommended to start within this gamemode.

Team DeathmatchEdit

In this type of gameplay you will head into a scenario of two diffrent classes; Red and Blue. The Players with red uniforms are enemies that you can attack, similar to Free For All.

Blue are your teammates and they cannot be attacked.


Uplink is a gamemode which will be available in GADO Beta, it will feature 5 points on a map, once all of these are obtained by one team at a single time, the game ends, As the game is fast paced, it will take team work for one team to capture all 5 points whilst still defending the other points.

Based on how the game mode works, the number of available points might be shifted unless the games player count is changed.


Like other games, Domination will feature 3 Flags or points on a map that must be captured, teams will gain points every few seconds based on how many flags they hold. The winning team will be the first to reach a certain score.


Assassin is an FFA based gamemode, each player will have a nominated target who they must kill, while normal ffa rules apply, normal kills will only get you a few points unlike killing your target which will get you alot more points. Each person will have a different target and when you finally kill your target, your target will switch.

An icon above your targets head will be visible to make it easier. The first player to reach a set number of assassinations wins.

Team KillerEdit

This gamemode is similar to assassin except one player on each team is nominated a target to the other, each team must protect their player who is in danger while also attempting to assassinate the other teams target, targets will switch around on death. Once one team reaches a set number of kills on the enemies target, the game ends.


-It's been proved that there are going to be more type of Gamemodes.