Camouflages are, as the name says, camouflages for weapons in Global Anarchy Denied Operation.

Altough there are only three camos in current version, there are some more that you can obtain trought ranking up or playing other MantaGames Games. Bloxed camo can be earned by taking part in community events such as livestreams, the developers will gift camo's to kind members of the community as a way os saying tahnkyou!

Camo's also appear to use Color Blend modes in GML as it appears there are no texture files for diffrent color camo's.

Camo's by default:

- Woodlands

- Forest

Camo's available for alpha players:

- Alpha

Obtainable Camo's:

- Choco

- Coral Blue

- Smear

- Digital

- Gecko

- Burn

Premium Camo's:

-Coral Ice


Dev Camo's:


Other special camo's:


- Popcorn

- Taco

- Zebra


- Camo "Choco" sometimes stay invisible.

- Camo's do not always load in killcam's.


- Camo "Choco" appearance has been proved by Jared in-game.