Here is a list of all Bloxed patches.

WARNING: (?) is a guess update, probably incorrect.


March 6, 2012 -Jared released a video called 'Bloxed or This (Mineblock) ?'
February 23, 2012 -Custom character / skins
January 15, 2012

-New HUD

-Bows and arrows


-More quests


January 14, 2012


-Quests for players to do

-Money system


January 4, 2012 -Lighting
January 3, 2012

-Twilight biomes

-Fairies, which help you in combat

December 31, 2011 -Furnaces and chests work on SMP
December 29, 2011

-Auto Updater

-You now start on a premade village



December 23, 2011

-Login screen

-Berry Bushes

December 11, 2011 -Final version of Multiplayer
December 9, 2011

-New particles

-Weather is back



-Updated Freestyle mode


November 25, 2011

-Now it says what block you selected




-Hit points

-Blood tools

-New textures

-New modes: Survival, Freestyle and Brutal


October 12, 2011

-Debug screen

-Extremity trees

-Website updated

October 5, 2011 -Furnaces has been fixed


September 24, 2011



September 19, 2011

-Hunger bar


-Cow hide


-Raw and cooked chicken leg


-Potion bootle

-Red and green potions



-Swamp biome


September 10, 2011 -Massive bug fixes
September 5, 2011 -Alpha multiplayer


August 14, 2011

-Extremity realm now works


August 13, 2011

-Extremity realm, can be reached using extremity ring

-Bloodstone skin changed

August 10, 2011





-Redstone ore


August 7, 2011 -Signs
August 6, 2011

-Added workbench and 3x3 crafting


-Some recipes has been changed

-Exploding TNT


July 29, 2011


-Mob spawners (currently spawns only goblins)

-Mob spawners drop bloodstone

July 27, 2011

-Added information about updates

-Fixed placing pickaxe bug


July 27, 2011



-Texture packs

-Mobs can be killed

-Hand now swings

July 26, 2011

-Some features for multiplayer

-Grass grows/dies

-Leaves now decay


-Dead bushes, tall grass and saplings

-Iron texture changed

July 8, 2011

-Bloxed released

-Health bar

July 5, 2011

-New character skin

-Coal is now mineable



-New ores: Iron, Diamond and emerald

July 2, 2011

-Main menu

-Level saving


-New pig skin


June 28, 2011

-Jared posted a video on him making a house


June 27, 2011


-Name changed to Bloxed





June 26, 2011


June 25, 2011 -Released 2D Minecraft