Beta Bytes are the codes used on forums, which when decoded will give you an answer, which belongs to Loadout (weapon, map etc).

Beta Byte #01Edit

This byte, according to MishMash, was easy. The code was CB49AD33F3491104647183FD72FFB9FE and was an encrypted string. It was first decoded by an user called "massacre axe" and the answer was Harvest.


Beta Byte #02Edit

This byte is hard and composed off 2 steps.

Step 1

It was an easiest step. You had to decode the code 1.20 18.7.2. The code was decoded by an user called "acters124". The numbers on the code indicated letters from A to Z (1 is A, 5 is E etc). The answer was "LOOK AT RGB"

Step 2

The hardest step, to decode the rgb. Acters got 5 colors, and the third-19:17:25-was a code to success. Howewer, masacre axe has decoded the first 2 numbers of the code (19 and 17) and left the number 25, getting an answer SR-25. The answer was correct.


Beta Byte #03Edit

This byte is medium, and composed off 4 steps.

Step 1

The point of this step is to decode the codes "2E5A4950" and "2F696D616765732F". It was decoded by Acters124 and turned out into ".zip" and "/images/".

Step 2

The point of this step is to find the zip, and unzip it. The zip file can be found in The problem is, that the zip is password locked. The password was found on beta byte photo, and was BB01X. The zip file was unzipped by Sparky. The zip file had only one file, a .txt file. The file had the following code: A776XYTH9696OHO.

Step 3

The point of this step is to find out, what is that code. Acters found out that this is the password to another zip file, which is hidden somewhere on the forum page.

Step 4

The hardest step, is to find the zip file and unzip it. It was done after 2 days by Masacre axe-the zip file was hidden on the beta byte photo. After the unzip, the answer was 'New customizable reticles' for the Red Dot Sight.


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